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I am Scott Robbins, a criminal defense attorney with over 34 years of experience in the field. I am committed to protecting the rights of the accused through the practice of criminal defense law and believe that my clients are innocent until proven guilty. With me in your corner, the odds are in your favor.

My Background

I obtained my undergraduate degree from the University of Washington and a law degree from Seattle University (Formerly the University of Puget Sound). Additionally,
I was appointed as the first Washington State delegate to the National College of DUI Defense in 2002. I serve as the treasurer for the Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice which put on the DUI conference for the State of Washington.

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Robbins Eastside Law

My Areas of Expertise

I am well-versed in several areas of criminal defense, including DUI, assault and domestic violence, theft, fraud, embezzlement, and drug charges.


A DUI charge in the state of Washington is a serious offense with substantial consequences.
I helped thousands of people fight their DUI charges. I also have considerable expertise in drug charge cases and have been working in this area of practice for over 33 years. Whatever the extent or complexity of your charges, I can help.

Assault & Domestic Violence

Assault and domestic violence charges are serious and can have a lasting impact on your future. I  have successfully helped my clients fight their misdemeanor or felony charges. I understand the sensitivity of these cases and the impact they have on families and their children.

Theft, Fraud, and Embezzlement

Facing theft, fraud, or embezzlement charges can be distressing and a life-changing experience. I have significant expertise in defending theft, fraud, and embezzlement cases and have been committed to this practice area for over three decades. Through the years, I have helped numerous people fight their misdemeanor or felony charges successfully.

Firearm Rights Restoration

When your rights to own a gun are taken away, you need a seasoned lawyer to help get those rights restored. I can help you navigate the complex process of restoring your firearm rights.

Vacate Convictions

Washington's laws allows for some convictions to be vacated after a specific amount of time has passed. I can help you through this process.

Robbins Eastside Law

Get Started

The first step is to set up a free consultation with me to discuss your charges. Together, we will decide if Robbins Eastside Law is the right law firm to handle your case. If you decide to move forward, I will work with you from beginning to end, starting with reviewing your Police Reports and handling your arraignment. I will explain every step of the process and ensure that you fully understand the best course of action. I will work aggressively to reduce or eliminate fines, loss of license, and even jail or prison time.

Robbins Eastside Law

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